iGREEN 900/735 with a slide-up door

Does your heart skip a beat when you hear the crackling sound of a wood-burning fire? If so, iFiRE has the fireplace for you.
– The patented door profile of only 5 mm is what gives the iGREEN slide-up door fireplace its minimalist design.
– The iGREEN slide-up glass fireplace is 100% airtight, ensuring complete combustion and higher efficiency, as a result.
– Produced from ultra-high-quality, 4 mm-thick steel, your iFiRE fireplace guarantees years of enjoyment.
– The iGREEN fireplace is exceptionally environmentally friendly, complies with the strictest emissions standard – DINplus – and has incredibly low particulate matter emission values.
– The iGREEN is also available with a fully ceramic, black ribbed back wall. This material retains heat longer and is more durable.
– Compact dimensions, both in terms of installation depth (54.2 cm) and chimney connection, make the iGREEN slide-up door fireplace easy to install.
– Your fireplace recovers heat through convection ducts, meaning that you stay warmer even longer.
– The Air Clean System ensures that the glass is always clean. This system flawlessly regulates the fire. The airflow moves across the glass towards the combustion chamber, keeping the glass free of dark soot stains.
– The fireplace’s glass slide-up door pivots, making it easy to clean.

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