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The iGREEN fireplace was developed with tremendous care by and for people who love fire, have an eye for detail and are enthusiastic about technical innovation. The result is a high-quality, minimalist design.

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Fire always appeals to the imagination.

Fire always appeals to the imagination. iFiRE lights the spark with an exclusive and extensive range of wood-burning, gas and bioethanol fireplaces. Cutting-edge combustion technology, minimalist design and proven quality make iFiRE a true trendsetter.

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Every iFiRE device is developed by a specialised team of designers, engineers and architects. They are driven by their passion for fireplace design and construction and metalworking.

    • Sleek design with a glass profile of just 5 mm
    • Made from 4-mm, high-grade steel
    • Efficient, clean, solid and above all – environmentally friendly
    • Comes standard equipped with smooth, flat ceramic lining; ribbed lining optional
    • Powered by advanced technology, it complies with the DIN-plus label, one of the industry's strictest emission standards.

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Wood-burning fireplaces