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iGAS Premium is an original iFiRE creation. iGAS Premium was developed with tremendous care by and for people who love fire, have an eye for detail and are enthusiastic about technical innovation. It’s the gas fireplace with the ultimate natural look. iGAS Premium has a smart burner design that gives flames the appearance of a real wood fire.

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iFiRE Gas Fireplace

    • iGAS Premium has a sophisticated burner design with naturally high flames.
    • These flames extend across the full width of the fireplace.
    • The double burner at the back consists of a main burner with camp-fire look and a long burner at the front.
    • iGAS Premium features variable heat capacity. To enjoy maximum heat, switch both burners on.
    • Select just the main burner for minimum power and up to 50% less consumption.
    • The fire view is magnificent even at low power: from as little as 2 kW (or 20% power), when the fireplace is only using the main burner with a reduced flame setting.
    • The flame height can be adjusted at any time, whether using both burners or just the one.


Anti-reflective glass
The iGAS Premium fireplaces come with anti-reflective glass for an optimal view of the flames. This glass eliminates almost all reflections, so that you’re guaranteed a brilliant view of the fire.

Burner bed lining
iGAS Premium gas fires from iFiRE are available with ceramic, realistic wood logs as well as decorative stone inlays.

Black reflective or ribbed rear wall
The back wall of your fireplace provides the finishing touch and is a decorative element when the gas fireplace isn’t lit. Looking for a more dynamic aesthetic? The black reflective back wall is the perfect option. It gorgeously reflects the dance and movement of the flames.

The iGAS Premium comes standard equipped with a high-grade steel back panel. A ribbed back wall gives your fireplace a rustic, minimalist feel.

Detachable steel frame
iFiRE supplies the iGAS Premium fireplace standard with a separate, detachable steel frame.

The steel frame is easy to mount and adds an extra dimension to your fireplace.
For a seamless finish between your fireplace and the housing, leave the steel frame off. Where a natural stone finish is being used, the material can be extended up to the frameless fireplace glass. All the materials blend flawlessly so that you can enjoy a perfectly integrated fireplace with a timeless, clean design.

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