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Finally, the pleasure of a bioethanol fireplace with high flames is a reality. This unbeatable electronically controlled bioethanol fireplace with controlled combustion is the solution for homes without a flue, such as lofts, apartments and low-energy houses.

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Unique patented v-burner

A minimum amount of fuel is injected into the V-shaped burner bed, while a maximum amount of available oxygen creates odourless combustion. When the bioethanol fire is switched off, the bioethanol quickly flows back into the reservoir, which speeds up the shutdown process and improves safety.

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The iBiO Design’s advantages at a glance

  • Odourless thanks to the patented V-shaped burner bed
  • Electronic ignition
  • CO detector: records permitted levels of carbon monoxide in the room and alerts if those levels are exceeded.
  • The iBiO Design fireplace is available with an internal or external fuel reservoir.
  • Reversible top plate: choose between glass or steel for the visible part of your fireplace.
  • The power and flame height can both be set by remote control.

3 USPs

Patented, unique & innovative concept

Quick assembly to replace quick installation in less than a day; we’d like to minimise the focus on ‘speed’ as much as possible.

Design it with the online configurator.