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    Would you like to replace your existing (built-in) fireplace or are you building a new home and hope to incorporate a beautiful fireplace? Make a FREE appointment with our iFiRE advisor. We’re happy to answer all your questions and help you make the right choice.

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    STEP 1 – What is your preferred fuel type?

    Do you adore the crackling sound of a real wood fire? Or did you have a gas fireplace in mind, one with maximum user comfort? Perhaps you’re on the lookout for the perfect decorative fireplace because your home doesn’t have a flue available. iFiRE has a solution for every situation. The range consists of gas, wood-burning, bioethanol and electric fireplaces..

    STEP 2 –    What style are you going for?

    Does nothing top a minimalist gas fireplacewith stone inlay? Are you dreaming of an inset gas fireplace with realistic logs and flames of unparalleledheight? Or would you prefer a real wood fire in a sleek design? Whatever you have in mind, iFiRE has a fireplace to match your style and preferences.

    STEP 3 – Primary or additional heating?

    If you have central or underfloor heating, how big is the surface area you plan on heating? We’ll take a look with you at what kind of fireplace best suits your needs in terms of heat capacity.

    STEP 4 – The home’s ventilation options

    Is there sufficient ventilation where the fireplace will be installed? If your heart is set on a bioethanol fireplace, then a ventilation system is required.

    STEP 5 –   Where will the fireplace be installed and what technical options are available?

    We do an installation-options check-up first. For instance, this includes the supply of fresh air, size of the existing chimney/ flue liners, power supply and socket availability, size of the space available for the fireplace wall, etc. We offer the right solution for every situation. And, it goes without saying that we provide you with advice on the product that’s right for you.